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How often should a piano be tuned?
Pianos should be tuned at least twice a year.

I just took delivery of a piano, how long should I wait before I get it tuned?
You should allow 3-4 weeks for the piano to acclimatize to your house.

I’m buying a used piano, should I have you inspect it?
Used pianos should be inspected by a tuner to make sure the piano is worth buying; there are too many factors that may make the piano a poor investment.

My house is dry in the winter time, how many jars of water should I keep in the bottom of the piano?
Keeping jars of water in the bottom of the piano will not help. You need some way to circulate moisture thought out the piano and control the environment inside the piano. I have been installing Dampp-Chaser climate control system in pianos for years. The Dampp-Chaser system controls the humidity for the piano year round.

I’ve just bought a used piano and need to get it home, should I try to move the piano myself?
I recommend you hire someone experienced for moving the piano. Piano movers have the proper equipment and expertise for doing this job