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Dampp-Chaser System


Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer

In August 2010, Wayne Walker completed the required test to be 1 of the first 50 technicians  in North America to qualify as a Certified Dampp-Chaser Installer for upright and grand pianos.

This is why I know the system works:


“For the last 20 years our company has rented an upright piano for the Nova Scotia Choral Federation choir camp.  The piano is located in an open stage area.  Open to the elements.  Temperatures from 49 F at night to 85 F to 90 F day time and high humidity 80% +.  The camp runs the full month of August and the piano is required to be tuned each Saturday morning before 8 am plus 1 hour drive each way.  When I tune the piano I’m lowering the pitch a good 1/4 semitone each week.

Last year and this year I decided to use a piano with a Piano Life Saver System installed.  We just brought the piano back today.  The piano hasn’t been tuned since it left the shop.  The piano was only 1.2 cents flat.

Wayne Walker

For more information about the Dammp-chaser climate control system click on the link below

Dampp-Chaser Brochure.pdf